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China approves two more domestic COVID vaccines for public use China's medical products regulator said on Thursday that it had approved two more COVID vaccines for public use, raising the number of domestically produced vaccines that can be used in China to four. They join a vaccine from Sinovac Biotech approved earlier this month, and another from Sinopharm's Beijing unit approved last year. The bill passed with only Republican votes just a day after it similarly passed the Senate.

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Supporters of the legislation cited fraud concerns as the reason early voting must be reined in. However, like in many other Republican-led states where similar steps are being considered, there historically haven't been widespread concerns about irregularities in the election system.

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Bobby Kaufmann, who managed the bill in the House. Democrats who are outnumbered in both chambers were left aghast but in no position to stop the changes.

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Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, has indicated she'd consider them. House, so if there is any significant voter fraud in this state then two things are true," Democratic Sen. Herman Quirmbach of Ames said. It also would require most mail ballots to be received by county election officials by the time polls close on Election Day, rather than counting votes as long as they were postmarked by Election Day and arrived by noon on the Monday following the election.

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The bill prohibits the use of a U. Postal Service postmark as a way to verify when a ballot was mailed. Polling times also would be reduced by an hour, closing at 8 p.

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And there would be new rules on absentee ballot request forms, banning officials from sending out the forms unless a voter requests one. Satellite voting sites also could only be set up if enough voters petition for one, and voters would be removed from active voting bobs perte de poids attleboro ma if they miss a single general election and don't report a change in address or registered as a voter again.

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It is morally hollow. Republican lawmakers have said the proposals are meant to bolster confidence in future elections, though they have been the loudest proponents of meritless claims that the previous election was fraudulent.

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Sylvia Albert, director of the voting and elections project at Common Cause, a nonpartisan organization that bobs perte de poids attleboro ma to expand access to voting, said the GOP is moving to depress turnout following their losses in the last election cycle.

Iowa Republicans backing the bill argue there was voter fraud in states where Trump narrowly lost to Democrat Joe Biden, though courts have repeatedly ruled there was no significant fraud.

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Still, Republicans said that belief has caused their constituents to lose faith in the integrity of elections, so changes are needed. Their action follows repeated claims by Trump that mail balloting was vulnerable to fraud, again without any evidence.

Joe Bolkcom said those kind of conspiracy theories and cult behaviour toward Trump are what has led some people to lose faith in elections.

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In a public hearing held Monday night nearly 1, people signed up to comment on the measure. All but 28 opposed the legislation.

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Janice Weiner, a retired U. She cautioned lawmakers against believing debunked lies about election fraud. Capitol on Jan. You must restore integrity back into our voting. I think this bill goes a long way to getting that done," he said.

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David Pitt, The Associated Press a day ago Why the pandemic is a trigger for eating disorders For eight years, Waheeda Giga has struggled with an eating disorder that was triggered by the death of her father.

Giga, a year-old city of Toronto employee, is now a year into her recovery at the eating disorders outpatient program at St. Hospital data from the Greater Toronto Area points to an alarming rise in eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia during the pandemic, as people try to cope with widespread grief from losing loved ones, income, or even a sense of routine and normalcy.

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The pandemic has also disrupted the way eating-disorder care is provided, shedding light on cracks in the system and the continued need for access as more people struggle.