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Non-tariff measures NTMs cover sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards SPStechnical barriers to trade TBTimport and export licensing, export restrictions, customs surcharges, anti-dumping and safeguard measures, among others. However, unlike tariffs, NTMs could play a role of check and balance for the quality of goods. In spite of their growing importance in regulating trade, the exact impact of NTMs on trade flows is not very well understood.

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There is an urgent need to develop a better understanding and transparency of existing NTMs. We worked on all regulations and official documents including international conventions adopted by countries which were in effect by January The project consists of two phases: NTM data collection the data were released in January and country report April and data analyses on how NTMs will affect trade in the region January The project aims to i collect, validate, and store NTM data from official sources; ii improve the general understanding of these measures and their impact on world trade; and iii provide insights on NTMs in 10 countries.

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The successful work would not have been possible without the invaluable work of the ASEAN national teams consisting of the following economists and government officials: ASEAN national teams.