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Leyla had a one-night-stand with Justin, the husband of her sister Alicia Natalie Andersonresulting in her pregnancy with Jacob. Alicia adopted Jacob, believing that Leyla gave him to her out of kindness as she had fertility problems.

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When Alicia reveals she is homeless, Leyla invites them to stay with her. Alicia later becomes paranoid that Leyla will take Jacob away and tell him the truth about his parentage.

Alicia and Jacob leave the next day but return, after je perds du poids trop lentement to find somewhere else to stay.

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Alicia enrols Jacob in the local school and he befriends T. On his first day, Jacob is bullied for being new and T. Alicia encourages Jacob to fight back if anyone picks a fight. Leyla's boyfriend, David, becomes concerned that Leyla is too maternal.

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He goes into anaphalytic shock and Leyla is forced to inject him with his medication. Alicia is furious and accuses Leyla of being neglectful. At Christmas, Jacob takes part in his school's nativity play.

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He is disappointed when Justin does not come, saying that he wanted his father to see his costume. Whilst Leyla is babysitting, Jacob sneaks out of the house, intending to go to his father's.

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The following morning, Alicia discovers he is not in his room and panics. The police are leyla emmerdale perte de poids and Jacob is reported missing.

On the moors, Jacob finds shelter in a disused building.

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As he tries to leave, he is knocked unconscious after falling when part of the floor collapses. Jacob's helmet from his nativity play costume is found and the search focuses on the area where it was found.

David finds Jacob and has him winched to safety by a rescue team and taken to hospital where he makes a full recovery.

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Emotions run high while Jacob is missing and Justin reveals to Alicia that he is Jacob's biological father as he and Leyla had a one night stand. Leyla admits that Justin is telling the truth and had planned to have an abortion but her mother persuaded her not to, because of Alicia's fertility problems.

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In NovemberAlicia tells him that she adopted him and that Leyla is his birth mother. Jacob is shocked and feels betrayed so he runs away. Alicia and David notice that he's gone and call the police.

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Priya tells David and Alicia and they rush over. They ask Jacob to come home but he insists on staying with the Sharmas. Jacob eventually forgives Alicia and goes home and eventually moves to Portugal with them. They return, but he leaves again due to David and Alicia's separation in He returns soon after and is shocked to overhear David telling Leyla that he loves her.

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Wrongly assuming that the two are a new couple, he leyla emmerdale perte de poids them about it the next day. David explains that he and Leyla are not together and reveals his recent testicular cancer diagnosis. Jacob supports David in his diagnosis and celebrates his marriage to Tracy Shankley Amy Walsh later that year.

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They attempt to have sex but are caught by her stepmother Laurel Charlotte Bellamy who bruises Jacob's arm. He and Liv Flaherty Isobel Steele clash but later become friends. Over time, he begins to develop a crush on Liv.

In FebruaryGabby asks Liv to figure out if Jacob still has feelings for her.

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Jacob wrongly assumes that Liv is asking him out, but is embarrassed when Liv tells him that she was trying to set him with Gabby. She explains to him that she isn't sure whether she likes boys or girls and he confirms that they will still be friends.

Jacob is crushed when Leyla leaves for Greece in early He is further dismayed to learn of David and Tracey's breakup in and is furious to learn of David's one-night stand with Leyla.

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David's tumultuous love life becomes a source of irritation for Jacob around this time.