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Puts the fun in losing Fat! Love it! SpoonScam artists with no customer service Updated review Logged into this app on my iPad for the first time in probably over a year only to find that all my hard work in adding recipes that I created for myself and detailed in the app were suddenly not available to me.

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When I first got this app around five years ago, I paid the upgrade to premium price. At the time it was a one time thing and I use the app for years afterward without an issue.

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Now everything that I have paid to unlock is now locked again and customer service has not gotten back to me despite me emailing them multiple times asking for clarification on this issue. A bit of an oxymoron how can you discontinue a lifetime upgrade. I understand if you decided to grandfather this new pay per month subscription style whatever, but those of us who have had the app and had been loyal for a outils dapplication de perte de poids a decade are suddenly getting thrown out in the cold.

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I already paid for this app and then I paid for the upgrade. I have, and continue to, struggle with my weight. It has been a challenge for as long as I can remember and this app has allowed me to finally understand where my struggles were rooted.

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Being able to search for food calorie amounts from within the app has been very helpful. It cuts down on the time consuming aspect and the easier something is to do the more likely it is you will do it.

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I always thought that I was eating an appropriate amount of calories, but this app has shown me that I was not. It really helps you grasp what foods have a large amount of calories in them. Then you can decide whether it is worth it or not to eat it.

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It also lets you enter any exercise you've done and show you, approximately, how many calories you would've burned doing that it. After entering your age, gender, height, etc.

Scannez le code-barre des emballages alimentaires Au magasin Avec le scanneur de codes-barres de l'appli WWvous êtes informé immédiatement de la valeur SmartPoints de chaque produit emballé. Face à l'énorme assortiment distribué en grandes surfaces, utilisez le scanneur de codes-barres pour connaître directement quels sont les meilleurs produits. Ajoutez des aliments vous-même Si un aliment n'est pas repris dans notre base de données, vous pouvez l'ajouter facilement vous-même en encodant les valeurs nutritives indiquées sur l'étiquette.

You can select how many calories you want to lose per week and it will adjust your daily calorie intake amount accordingly. Understand that buying this app will not make you skinny. It is a tool that combined with your own determination, dedication and will power can help you towards your weight goals.

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That being said this tool has, so far, made an 80 pound difference for me. It hasn't been easy but this app is the equivalent to a roadmap. You still have to get from point A to point B, but now at least you have some directions on how best to get there.

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I wish you the best of luck in your own healthy endeavours and I would recommend this app to aid you in them. Pour en savoir plus, consultez la politique de confidentialité du développeur.