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Since any CVT may allow a power planthuman or motorized, to operate at or closer to its speed of optimal efficiency, output torque or output power, the NuVinci CVT may improve a system's overall efficiency or performance compared to a 'conventional' geared transmission, but only if such gain in the efficiency or performance of the power plant exceeds any loss in efficiency or performance that may be introduced by replacing the perte de poids Fallbrook transmission with the NuVinci CVT.

The company does not provide any numbers relating to efficiency of their transmissions, and has declined to do so when requested.

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By supporting a torque-demand rather than a speed-demand control solution, the NuVinci CVT perte de poids Fallbrook the low-speed acceleration problem inherent in some torque-demand vehicles. Comparison to other CVTs[ edit ] The NuVinci uses rolling traction to transfer torque, just as do toroidal transmissions.

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However, unlike toroidal CVTs, it distributes the transmitted torque over several spheres, thus lowering total clamping force required. This arrangement allows the NuVinci CVT to combine the smooth, continuous power transfer of a CVT with the utility of a conventional planetary gear drive.

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As with other traction-type CVTs, transmission of torque through the NuVinci CVT involves some relative sliding between the torque-transmitting contact patches. This relative sliding under high pressures cause transmission losses inefficiency. In general because of the way the CVT is set up, it is more efficient at a ratio compared to maximum overdrive or underdrive positions.

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Independent test results have shown that at it is actually more efficient than comparable bicycle internal gear hubs, while at the ratio extremes it is slightly lower. In most applications, there is no need for high-pressure hydraulics.

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Other advantages shared with similar CVT designs include that the input and output shafts may be either in-line, offset, or in a U configuration input and output both coaxial and coplanarmaking the transmission simple, small, light and easy to package.

Fallbrook claims the transmission control is stable, linear and does not require a major control system development effort.

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The only application currently commercialized is the internally geared bicycle hub. By conventional standards, a NuVinci bicycle hub is considered heavy.

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The second generation model NB weighs between 3. However, the NuVinci CVT is targeted towards the less weight-conscious cruiser - comfort - and commuter segments with the latest product introductions the N and N also being targeted at city, urban, trekking and eMTB SUV bikes.

Their biggest advantage is the durability, while shifting under load and continuously, which is especially important with the powerful eBike drive systems. The company is also developing products based on the CVT unit for automotive applications. Awards and publicity[ edit ].

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