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Biden's trade pick says she's focused on helping U. President Joe Biden met to set a new tone for Canada-U.

Some cabinet confirmations become partisan wrestling matches. By the end of her appearance, the confirmation of Katherine Tai as the next United States Trade Representative felt more like a collective laying on of hands. The chair, Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden, called her a "superb choice. Representative Richard Neal from Massachusetts, appearing as a guest Democratic chair of the House committee, told senators he considers Tai to be like family after her seven years as legal counsel for his committee.

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Tai played a critical role in crafting and negotiating bipartisan support for endgame revisions that ensured Congressional approval of the revised North American trade agreement by delivering more environmental and labour protections. The Trudeau government had thought its negotiations with the Trump administration were over.

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She said she remembers having lunch with her that day and their "vibrant conversation" with the assembled politicians about how international trade can benefit domestic workers — a focus the Biden administration now embraces. Winning with win-wins During Thursday's hearing, Tai said she wants to move away from negotiations that pit one sector's workers against another. It's a sharp contrast with the zero-sum style of the Trump administration, which was more focused on scoring targeted political wins than mutually-beneficial gains.

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For example, will Tai continue Robert Lighthizer's push to "re-shore" as many commodities in as many supply chains as possible, to repatriate jobs for American workers? President Biden signed an executive order this week to strengthen U.

On Thursday, she told senators the U. Bush administration, pushed her to explain how the U. Later she described how the Chinese state is able to conduct its economy "almost like a conductor with an orchestra," while Americans trust the "invisible hand" of the free market.

The U. Sherrod Brown asked Tai whether she'd make it a top priority to crack down on imports that trace back to China's forced labour program, which human rights investigators believe abuses potentially millions from China's minority Uighur and Turkic Muslim population to pick crops like cotton. Mark Warner, who also sits on the Senate intelligence committee, urged Tai to form a "coalition of the willing" to compete with the Chinese "authoritarian capitalism" model that's enabled the rise of tech giants like Huawei.

Trade negotiations have to protect the security Shane Weight Loss Camp Géorgie digital infrastructure, he said, and the U. Trade Representative, and meets her mother, right, at Tai's confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee Thursday.

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Tai agreed with him, and said the U. To counter China's influence, Delaware Sen. Tom Carper asked whether it would be a "fool's errand" to rejoin partners like Canada in the Pacific Rim trading bloc — which was renamed the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership after the U.

Tai said the thinking behind the CPTPP remains a "solid equation" but the world in is "very different in important ways" to the climate inwhen Congress failed to approve the TPP. Carper also asked how trade policy is affected by the Biden administration's renewed multilateral approach to climate change.

But the veteran trade diplomat didn't tip her hand too much on what Canada should expect.

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Idaho's Mike Crapo was assured she'll work on "longstanding issues" in softwood lumber. She told Iowa's Chuck Grassley she's aware of the "very clear promises" Canada made on dairy as part of concluding the NAFTA negotiations, and how important they were to win the support of some senators.

Some of these Canada-U. Several senators pushed for more attention to America's beef, of which Tai Shane Weight Loss Camp Géorgie she was a "very happy consumer. John Thune expressed frustration with the World Trade Organization's ruling against the cattle industry's protectionist country-of-origin labelling COOL rules, prompting a commitment from Tai to work with livestock producers on a new labelling system that could survive a WTO challenge.

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One of the toughest questioners Thursday proved to be former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who slammed the lack of transparency in past trade negotiations and told Tai her administration needs to "take a hard line. At the conclusion of the hearing, Chairman Wyden asked Tai to send her ideas for improving the transparency of trade processes to the committee's bipartisan leadership within 30 days.

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  4. Biden's trade pick says she's focused on helping U.

Katherine Tai bumps elbows with Congressional leaders following her Thursday confirmation hearing on Capital Hill. Throughout the hearing, senators described Tai's confirmation as "historic.

Pennsylvania's Bob Casey asked if she'd commit to working on women's economic empowerment and participation in trade laws.

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She answered with just one word: "Yes. Simmering in makeshift camps housing tens of thousands of farmers since last year, the movement has seen a dramatic growth in recent weeks, getting backing from environmental activists, opposition parties and even A-list Western celebrities.

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At its heart are three new farm laws passed by the government last September, thanks to the majority Modi's right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party BJP enjoys in the lower house of parliament. Climate Reality Project Canadian arm of the environmental non-governmental organization created by former U. According to its newly released National Climate League report, Winnipeg overall ranks middle of the pack at best, and dead last in many categories, in the large city category more thanresidents.

One positive for the city, says Susan Lindsay, who works with Winnipeg not-for-profit Climate Change Connection and is regional manager for Climate Reality Project: there is much room for improvement.

Transportation is the second-largest contributor to national greenhouse gas emissions after the oil and gas industry and there are a number of indicators that consider policy progress towards low-emissions jai 10 jours pour perdre du poids. In the NCL report, Winnipeg ranked last in nearly all of related categories, including kilometres of bike lanes, cyclist and pedestrian safety, number of electric vehicle chargers, number of transit trips, and number of car-share vehicles available to residents.

Shane Weight Loss Camp Géorgie

Winnipeg has km of bike lanes, compared to Calgary, which had the most 1, km.