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Plot[ edit ] The office partakes in a company-wide weight loss competition, with the prize of extra vacation days for the winning branch. Initially enthusiastic, the competition eventually weighs on the staff, especially Kelly Kapoor Mindy Kaling who stops eating and tries numerous dietseventually passing out during one weigh-in.

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She buys what she believes is a tapeworm from Creed Bratton Creed Bratton as another measure, but Creed privately admits that it "wasn't a tapeworm. The Scranton branch ends up losing the competition, although Stanley Hudson Leslie David Baker is proud of his individual results, and decides to take the vacation anyway.

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He proposes to her série télévisée perte de poids in the pouring rain, and she accepts ecstatically. Plotting his return to the company, Ryan Howard B. Novak apologizes to various people around the office for his past behavior, while keeping a list of people who wrong him to take revenge on them when he's back on top.

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Most notably, he apologizes to, and then proceeds to ask his former girlfriend Kelly Kapoor Mindy Kaling out, only to be rejected when she tells him that she is dating Darryl Philbin Craig Robinson. He awkwardly reveals he is "not retarded", and an embarrassed Holly apologizes and walks away.

Tom starts at 5'9" and pounds body mass index After six months, Tom is down to pounds a loss of and has had surgery to remove a large lymphedema growth from his leg, while Jodi is down to pounds a loss of

Holly then goes out on a date with Oscar's yoga instructor, and buys Counting Crows tickets as a surprise for their next date. When he never calls her, Michael berates the yoga instructor to Holly's pleasure, then offers to buy the tickets série télévisée perte de poids her only cest 6 semaines suffisantes pour perdre du poids tear them up. Phyllis takes over the Party Planning Committee by blackmailing Angela with her knowledge of Angela and Dwight's secret affair.

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Reception[ edit ] In the 18—49 demographic, "Weight Loss" earned a 4. The episode was watched by 9. The episode received critical acclaim, with praise mainly focusing on the episode's balance between comedy and character-driven moments, especially Jim's proposal to Pam.

This scene ranked number 2 in phillyBurbs.

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Dwight and Angela carrying on their affair in the hidden corner of the warehouse during business hours ranked number 7 on that list. Ryan's return as a temp in this episode, tied with his second return appearance in the episode " Dream Team ", ranked number 5 in the list.

Если бы они хотели сотворить робота Патрика и выдать его за нашего сына, то выяснить истину было бы крайне сложно. - Но они этого не сделали, - сказала Симона. - Через несколько секунд я поняла, что передо мной истинный Патрик.

He wrote, "It's another terrific mix of character and comedy that is perfectly balanced," concluding that "The Office remains one of the funniest, best written, best performed and one of the best shows of TV.

Clubgraded the episode an "A-", giving particular praise to the development of the romance between Pam and Jim. Ah, but I'm leaving out the big moment, that glorious milestone where years and years of flirtation, meaningful glances and missed chances finally paid off in a surprisingly satisfying, genuinely surprising beauty of a scene where Jim proposed to Pam outside a truck stop in the pouring rain. Five season in, and tonight's premiere was every bit as funny as anything from the previous four.

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It's a testament to the writers and the actors, and their continued focus on staying the course, sticking to what makes The Office perhaps the best and most consistent all-around comedy.