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SERVICES: Mutual fund management services; sale and distribution of mutual fund andrew lessman brûleur de graisse investment management and consultation services; financial planning services; accepting deposits, withdrawals and the borrowing of funds, investments and deposits on behalf of individuals and corporate investors; securities, commodity and investment advisory services; securities dealer services; securities agency in the fields of bonds and negotiable instruments; stock brokerage services; securities, bond, debenture and stock trading and dealer services; investment advice and analysis; founding, distributing and managing investment portfolios; lending services; trust company services; investment management and consultation services; 22 août August 22, TRADE-MARKS JOURNAL DES MARQUES DE COMMERCE Vol.

George Shoe Corp.

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Maison des Futailles S. Louis H. Rio Sud Inc. Tissus et matériaux textiles synthétique pour la fabrication de vêtements. Lunettes de soleil, montres, bijoux.

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WARES: 1 Clothing, namely: jacket suits, skirts, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, camisoles, vests, jackets, cardigans, turtlenecks, dresses, jumpsuits, overalls, pants, jeans, capri pants, Bermuda shorts, shorts, hooded sweaters, jerseys, uniforms, jogging suits, namely: pants, t-shirts, fleece-lined sweaters; underwear, panties, stockings, nylon stockings, bras, half-slips; hats, bonnets, berets, headbands, bandanas, ear muffs, scarves, blouses, ski suits, blazers, toques, mittens, gloves, ski wear, namely: waist-length ski jackets, ski coats, ski pants, ski jackets, ski gloves, ski mitts, overcoats, parkas, anoraks; raincoats, slickers; ties, pajamas, night shirts, baby dolls, nighties, dressing gowns, robes, jumpsuits, sleepers, bibs, caps, beach wear, namely: beach shirts and dresses; beach wraps, bathing suits, leotards, coats, headbands, tank tops, polo shirts, boxer shorts and belts.

Shoes namely soft slippers, shoes, boots, slippers, athletic shoes, sandals and rubbers. Bags, namely: all purpose sport bags, athletic bags, gym bags, hand bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, school bags, fabric bags, fanny packs, tote bags, carry-on bags, duffle bags, diaper bags, baby carriers.

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Fabrics and synthetic textiles for use in the manufacture of clothing. Bedding items namely pillows, bolsters, pillow cases and bolster cases, bed sheets, furniture throws, quilts, blankets, duvets, comforter covers, pads, comforters, bed mattresses, boxsprings, bed frames.

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Sunglasses, watches, jewellery. SERVICES: Technology consultation and research in the field of cooling devices and systems; providing a website that features information relating to cooling technology and market research relating to the aforementioned; manufacturing, marketing and distribution of products and parts thereof relating to cooling devices and systems of others; development of technologies for cooling devices and systems.

WARES: Aftershave preparations, anti-perspirants, aroma therapy products namely essential oils, massage oils, cologne, creams, namely anti-aging body and shaving, drinking water, fingernail clippers, hair accessories, hair care preparations and hair coloring preparations.

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Siemens Water Technologies Holding Corp.