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Le même bredouillement de syllabes se fit entendre, couvert par les huées de la classe. The same sputtering of syllables was heard, drowned by the tittering of the class.

Judit Reigl, Oiseaux,encre, pàpier, x mm. In particular, Hungarian artists living in Paris were given prominence to; important fragments of their oeuvre were acquired by the museum. Acquisitions running parallel to exhibitions is museum work at its best, and this is the case here.

Dasselbe Silbengestammel machte sich hörbar, von dem Gelächter der Klasse übertönt. The "new fellow" then took a supreme resolution, opened an inordinately large mouth, and shouted at the top of his voice as if calling someone in the word "Charbovari. A hubbub broke out, rose in crescendo with bursts of shrill voices they yelled, barked, stamped, repeated "Charbovari!

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Charbovari"then died away into single notes, growing quieter only with great difficulty, and now and again suddenly recommencing along the line of a form whence rose here and there, like a damp cracker going off, a stifled laugh. Höllenlärm erhob sich und wurde immer stärker; meilleures graisses pour perdre du poids gellten Rufe.

Il se mit en mouvement, mais, avant de partir, hésita.

However, amid a rain of impositions, order was gradually re-established in the class; and the master having succeeded in catching the name of "Charles Bovary," having had it dictated to him, spelt out, and re-read, at once ordered the poor devil to go and sit down on the punishment form at the foot of the master's desk. He got up, but before going hesitated. Alsdann befahl er dem armen Schelm, sich auf die Strafbank dicht vor dem Katheder zu setzen.

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Der Junge wollte den Befehl ausführen, aber kaum hatte er sich in Gang gesetzt, als er bereits wieder stehen blieb. Mit keres? A sapk Then, in a gentler tone, "Come, you'll find your cap again; it hasn't been stolen. Die hat dir niemand gestohlen.

Quiet was restored. Heads bent over desks, and the "new fellow" remained for two hours in an exemplary attitude, although from time to time some paper pellet flipped from the tip of a pen came bang in his face.

But he wiped his face with one hand and continued motionless, his eyes lowered.

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Alles ward wieder ruhig. Die Köpfe versanken in den Heften, und der Neuling verharrte zwei Stunden lang in musterhafter Haltung, obgleich ihm von Zeit zu Zeit mit einem Federhalter abgeschwuppte kleine Papierkugeln ins Gesicht flogen. Er wischte sich jedesmal mit der Hand ab, ohne sich weiter zu bewegen noch die Augen aufzuschlagen.

Nous le vîmes qui travaillait en conscience, cherchant tous les mots dans le dictionnaire et se donnant beaucoup de mal.

In the evening, at preparation, he pulled out his pens from his desk, arranged his small belongings, and carefully ruled his paper. We saw him working conscientiously, looking up every word in the dictionary, and taking the greatest pains. Thanks, no doubt, to the willingness he showed, he had not to go down to the class below. But though he knew his rules éco slim hol lehet kapni, he had little finish in composition. It was the cure of his village who had taught him his first Latin; his parents, from motives of economy, having sent him to school as late as possible.

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Abends, im Arbeitssaal, holte er seine Ärmelschoner aus seinem Pult, brachte seine Habseligkeiten in Ordnung und liniierte sich sorgsam sein Schreibpapier. Die andern beobachteten, wie er gewissenhaft arbeitete; er schlug alle Wörter im Wörterbuche nach und gab sich viel Mühe.

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Son père, M. Le beau-père mourut et laissa peu de chose; il en fut indigné, se lança dans la fabrique, y perdit quelque argent, puis se retira dans la campagne, où il voulut faire valoir. His father, Monsieur Charles Denis Éco slim hol lehet kapni Bovary, retired assistant-surgeon-major, compromised about in certain conscription scandals, and forced at this time to leave the service, had taken advantage of his fine figure to get hold of a dowry of sixty thousand francs that offered in the person of a hosier's daughter who had fallen in love with his good looks.

A fine man, a great talker, making his spurs ring as he walked, wearing whiskers that ran into his moustache, his fingers always garnished with rings and dressed in loud colours, he had the dash of a military man with the easy go of a commercial traveller.

Once married, he lived for three or four years on his wife's fortune, dining well, rising late, smoking long porcelain pipes, not coming in at night till after the theatre, and haunting cafes.

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The father-in-law died, leaving little; he was indignant at this, "went in for the business," lost some money in matières fécales brûlantes, then retired to the country, where he thought he would make money. But, as he knew no more about farming than calico, as he rode his horses instead of sending them to plough, drank his cider in bottle instead of selling it in cask, ate the finest poultry in his farmyard, and greased his hunting-boots with the fat of his pigs, he was not long in finding out that he would do better to give up all speculation.

Er setzte nunmehr seine körperlichen Vorzüge in bare Münze um und ergatterte sich im Handumdrehen eine Mitgift von sechzigtausend Franken, die ihm in der Person der Tochter eines Hutfabrikanten in den Weg kam. Das Mädchen hatte sich in den hübschen Mann verliebt. Er war ein Schwerenöter und Prahlhans, der sporenklingend einherstolzierte, Schnurr- und Backenbart trug, die Hände voller Ringe hatte und in seiner Kleidung auffällige Farben liebte.

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Nachts pflegte er sehr spät heimzukommen, nachdem er sich in Kaffeehäusern herumgetrieben hatte. For two hundred francs a year he managed to live on the border of the provinces of Caux and Picardy, in a kind of place half farm, half private house; and here, soured, eaten up with regrets, cursing his luck, jealous of everyone, he shut himself up at the age of forty-five, sick of men, he said, and determined to live at peace.

Von den Menschen angeekelt, wie er sagte, wollte er in Frieden für sich hinleben. Elle était sans cesse en courses, en affaires. His wife had adored him once on a time; she had bored him with a thousand servilities that éco slim hol lehet kapni only estranged him the more.

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Lively once, expansive and affectionate, in growing older she had become after the fashion of wine that, exposed to air, turns to vinegar ill-tempered, grumbling, irritable. She had suffered so much without complaint at first, until she had seem him going after all the village drabs, and until a score of bad houses sent him back to her at night, weary, stinking drunk.

Életünk elképzelhetetlen volna fényképezés nélkül. Igaz viszont, hogy errôl és az ezzel kapcsolatos dolgokról nem a fényképezés tehet.

Then her pride revolted. After that she was silent, burying her anger in a dumb stoicism that she maintained till her death.