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It is what it is, there was no other way to survive.

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We were sad to announce the Hartford Boxing Center had closed its doors. We are deeply indebted to Hartford for giving us the opportunity to meet such a loving community that made us feel like family.

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We will miss each and every one there and, avec optimisme, we left our legacy there in good standing with everyone. We hope everybody stays safe, healthy and continues their goals and dreams The fight continues!

But it was harder training in Hartford and there are so many reasons not to run and train there. Not in Orlando where I have nothing but quality runs and workouts.

Hollywood, FL Sommaireditorial. Avant de prendre une dcision, demandez-nous de vous envoyer gratuitement de la documentation crite vous renseignant sur nos qualifications et sur notre exprience. Une fois notre travail accompli, nos lves passent des niveaux suprieurs.

Boxing is a little cutthroat, but I felt comfortable with Christy right away. Fighters need to market themselves.

Une vache de Floride. Le Florida Cracker Horse possède une longue histoire, mêlée à celle du bétail et aux introductions de chevaux espagnols en Floride [6]. Il forme l'une des plus anciennes races sinon la plus ancienne de chevaux des États-Unis [7]. Les ancêtres de la race arrivent au sud du continent nord-américain enamenés par Ponce de Leon depuis son second voyage dans la région [8].

After each fight he goes to talk to fans, especially kids, sign autographs for them and pose for pictures. Good weather all around and coming from the north like him, no excuses to work-out because of the cold.

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Does it make sense? Is it good for Star Boxing and our fighters?

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This makes sense for everybody.