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After noticing the great shape and the beautiful smile of Regina, I asked her right away how she had achieved such results.

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Who would have said that a vacation in Cuba could have changed my life. Their little daughter, which I love, said: You will become a top model Gabriella!

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In 3 months I was able to lose 16,6 kg while eating to fullness, without portioning food or counting calories, and most important without having hunger attacks. The results achieved in the centimeters lost are amazing: 13 cm of waist, 15 cm of hips, 9 cm of thigh, 5 cm of knees.

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The weight loss has improved my stomach issues, my periods, and the heaviness of my legs. Finally, when I get out of bed in the morning I take my weight and I look at the mirror satisfied with the results obtained thanks to the Bioimis Staff which thought me the correct way of living a healthy life while eating without having to deprive myself from the good this of life.

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I recommend Bioimis to everyone that suffers from years of overweight issue, that have tried many diets and have been brainwashed that the less you eat the less you weight!!! Sometimes, dreams do come true!!

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Les temps et la quantité de perte de poids varient de personne à personne par rapport au poids initial, au métabolisme individuel, à l'hygiène de vie et à l'alimentation de chaque individu. La perte de poids moyenne des regina perte de poids qui ont suivi la méthode Bioimis peut varier de 4 à 10 Kg par mois.

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